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Danh is not your average Realtor, he prides himself with the use of the most cutting edge technologies and leverages social media to obtain and deliver through all mediums. Working with Danh, you will experience a very different approach on how Real Estate is done. Danh obtained his Bachelors Degree in Forensic Science from San Jose State University. He's been working for a Fortune 500 company for over 5 years. With a strong attention to details and strong work ethics, Danh can get your home SOLD fast, for top dollars, and you know you can trust his team to deliver. Danh is passionate about Real Estate and is ready to help you with your Real Estate needs.

Specializing in Client Care First. State of the Art Marketing through HDR Photography, Cinematography, HD-Video Tours, and Social Media Marketing. Danh Truong is a team member of EQ1 Real Estate and a Realtor practicing in the Greater Bay Area. Danh's goal is not to just help you sell or buy a home but to secure your lifestyle. Danh's clients are long time residents of Bay Area in hi-tech companies and healthcare professionals. Whether you are buying or selling a home with Danh, he will educate, negotiate and deliver. 



Danh helped me to close the deal on the 4 plex in San Jose. I couldn't have been happier with the end result. This is particularly attributed to the qualities of Danh 

  1. He did a phenomenal job in keeping us updated and worked tirelessly to answer our questions. He is super reliable and any time I have a question, he has the answer. If he doesn't, he makes sure to find out and get back to me 
  2. He focused on helping us to make the best investment possible on the buy-side. 
  3. He is very responsive and hard working: I never had an issue getting a reply within a few hours on the same day or most of the time within an hour or just a few mins. He was great at communicating via Email/text/phone calls unlike other agents that I have worked with in the past. 
  4. Appointment confirmation, sending disclosures, creating offers requests etc. are all responded in a quick and professional manner. 
  5. He was very detail oriented and always had great insights. 
  6. He has kept in touch and followed up with us even after the deal was closed, Overall I would highly recommend Danh for his dedication to the clients.

Nam M.   |   Buyer Representation

Danh was in close proximity and was easy to reach and talk to. He is very responsive and explained the whole process very clearly. I enjoyed the quick responses and transparency of the  whole process. The process was very straightforward and easy to follow. Having the escrow office nearby was definitely convenient. Having an HOA can be tricky during the sale process. I think more communication with the HOA would have made the process a bit smoother. Yes, Danh is a very good and friendly agent who is easy to work with and very patient and accommodating.

Andrew J.   |   Seller Representation

Back in August 2016, my wife and I were considering it might have been a good time to start looking for a home with no real intention of purchase yet due to our limited budget. Danh was referred to us by a friend of ours. Danh was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He carefully walked us through  the whole process in details including ­sorting through the listings, explaining in details our different options that are available to us. If not for Danh, we woud not have believed buying a home was possible at that point in time. Danh always picked us up and drove us around to see houses (he is very passionate about showing houses!). We were amazed on multiple occasions by the vast amount of his knowledge when it came to houses (construction, lighting, neighborhood, and values etc...). Additionally, what we enjoyed most when working with Danh was he was almost always available to answer our questions or he would get back to us very quickly. Even though the whole process was very long and complicated, Danh made it a lot more straightforward by not only making wise recommendation but also explaining to us specifically the pros and cons of each option that we made in our offers. It took us only three months to get the current home of ours. There were 16 offers total. The highest offer was $635,000 and Danh helped us get our offer accepted at $620,000. The house was appraised at $620,000. In the process, there were quite a few obstacles with financing and the property itself, but with his excellent negotiating skill, Danh was able to help us close escrow on time. I would definitely recommend Danh to any of my friends and family. In fact, Danh is currently helping our best friend look for her dream home!!!

Tran.   |   Buyer Representation